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The Top Universities Recruiting National Merit
And Achievement Scholars

(Reported Jan. 20, 2004 for 2003 enrollment.)

Merit Scholars are selected from among more than 15,000 semifinalists nationally by the National Merit Scholarship Corp. The students scored in the top one-half percent of high school seniors in their states on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test-National Merit Scholar Qualifying Test.


The top 11 ranked participating schools, followed by the number of recruited Merit scholars, are:

Harvard University-378
University of Texas-258
Yale University-228
University of Florida-224
Stanford University-217
University of Chicago-182
Arizona State University-176
Rice University-173
University of Oklahoma-170
Princeton University-165

Minority Students?

In regard to the National Achievement Scholars program that recognizes minority
students who place well on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, Howard University
ranked #1 of 143 participating schools across the country. The top-ranked
participating schools, followed by the number of recruited Achievement scholars, are:

Howard University-71 (HBCU)
University of Florida-60
Harvard University-47
Stanford University-46
Washington University at St. Louis-27
Yale University-26
Florida A & M University-25 (HBCU)
Princeton University-25
Massachusetts Institute of Technology-23
Georgia Institute of Technology-20
Duke University-20
University of Pennsylvania-20
New York University-19

For more info, go to: http://www.napa.ufl.edu/2004news/nationalmerit04.htm



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