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                              June, 2002

The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide is now on sale at for $13.96. "This book will have a rallying impact on our aspiring college students."  -Isaac Black,  Black Excel Founder and Author

Special thanks to the College Board and its New York Outreach team for inviting me to be the keynote speaker at its "Reaching Out & Making a Difference"affair on May 29th, 2002. Good luck to the 2002 "Shining Star"award recipients!
                                                      -Isaac Black, Black Excel Founder


  • Scholarships: PART I
  • How To Actually Win a Scholarship  PART II
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund: Part III
  • Law School Help: Part IV
  • Helping Black Excel & Yourself (footnote)

PART I: Scholarship Gateways

1) 100 Minority Scholarship Gateway List

2) 30 Scholarship Gateways (Galore)

3) 25 Scholarship Gateways

4) Scholarship & Financial Aid Help (State Help)

PART II: How To Actually Win a Scholarship

In the Black Excel African American Student's College Guide (John Wiley & Sons), I tell you what to do, step by step. This is the "real deal" overview you would get if you were sitting with me one-on-one. Hundreds of scholarships are also listed.  Scholarship-related content?

  • Get the Money Guide (p. 87 to p. 143 )
  • Getting Started: Ten Things to Consider Before You Begin Your Scholarship Search (p. 101-103)
  • Your Scholarship Get-the-Money Tutorial (p. 104-106)
  • Scholarship FAQs (p. 109-110)
  • Scholarship Sources (p. 113-143)

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The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), is considered the leading scholarship granting organization for Hispanic Americans. In its 27-year history, HSF has awarded more than 47,000 scholarships to students in the US, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  The fund's Web site,, is also a great resource of information.  We hope you consider including HSF in your scholarship search.


An Online Law School Preparation Course is an online law school preparation course designed to teach the learning skills necessary to succeed in an American law school by recreating the first semester of law school in a month-long course. Using a discrete topic from a first-year property course (e.g., landlord-tenant law), TryLawSchool.comís instructors teach case briefing, legal analysis, course outlining and writing essay exam answers.  The course was designed by a Harvard Law School alumna and law professor with experience in teaching first-year law students and grading first-year studentsí exams. Go to: Your contact here is: Terrie Robinson at

A Great Law School Guide

Evangeline M. Mitchell, J.D., Ed.M., is the author of the newly released book, The African American Pre-Law School Advice Guide: Things You Really Need to Know Before Applying to Law School.

If you or someone you know is interested in law school, this is one guide you won't want to miss.  Ms. Mitchell is a graduate of HBCU Prairie View A&M University, the University of Iowa College of Law, and Harvard. For more information, please send a e-mail to the author at: or
Click here to order the book from

                    How to Help Black Excel
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Tip: To maximize your child's college options (getting in, aid, scholarships), check out the Black Excel African American Student's College Guide. It's only $13.95 at
                    --Isaac Black, author and Black Excel Founder.

(Information provided by Isaac Black, Founder, Black Excel:
The College Help Network.)
The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide,

by Black Excel Founder Isaac Black,
is now on sale at for $13.96.