The Black Excel Newsletter

                                July, 2001

The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide is now on sale at for $15.95. "This book will have a rallying impact on our aspiring college students." -Isaac Black,          Black Excel Founder and Author


1) Princeton's "Money" Bonanza: Will it Help Black
    Students?  Hurt HBCUs?
2) Historically Black Medical Schools
4) The Class of 2005 at Stanford University
     (We Are There!)
5) The 14th Annual Fall Black College Tour in October
     2001 (from CA)
6) SHOUTOUTS To Our Scholars!!
7) Morgan State Graduation Statistics by Major: 1999
(8) Colleges Where Black Students Are Enrolled at
      Over 10%
9) Two Virginia State Students Gain Admission to Ph.D.
     program at UNC-Chapel Hill
10) A Sampling of Colleges and Universities where you
     can find links to Black Excel

              Princeton's "Money" Bonanza
     Will it Help Black Students? Hurt HBCUs?

In February 2001, Princeton University (whose $ 8.4 billion endowment is the largest per student of any U.S. college), announced that it would no longer require its admitted students
to take out loans as part of its aid packages. Students will be given non-repayable grants. This change will save individual students thousands of dollars. They can graduate with little or no debt.  Experts say the Princeton move is really a challenge to Harvard to get the so-called "best and brightest'' students. The move is triggering good or similar deals by Harvard, Yale, M.I.T, Dartmouth, and other "prestigious" schools.

Many Black students will benefit, and are already rejoicing. For us, "no debt" is like a gift from heaven.  But many colleges cannot handle such a money war, and are already concerned. Most colleges survive on federal aid and a "loan formula." How will they attract the best students if those students can get a free ride?  What, for example, will a Spelman or Morehouse do? They are already battling the giants for our super students of color. Can any HBCU give its entire student body a free education? Can they survive this all-out money battle?

                TO MOREHOUSE COLLEGE
Legendary entertainer Ray Charles astonished guests during
Morehouse College's annual "A Candle in the Dark" gala by donating a check for $1 million to the university.  A humble
Ray Charles, also received the College's prestigious Candle
Award for Lifetime Achievement in Arts and Entertainment.
The black-tie event was held during the 134th Founders' Week
celebration, an annual tribute to the school's mission of producing outstanding leaders. Entertainer Harry Belafonte also received a Candle Award, as did Dick Gregory (in Social Activism).  The college hopes to use the Charles gift to fund its performing arts program. The gala was held on February 17th.

                Historically Black Medical Schools

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science
1730 East 118th Street
Los Angeles, California 90059
Telephone - 213-563-4800
Admissions - 213-563-5956

Howard University College of Medicine
2400 6th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20059
Telephone - 202-806-6100
Admissions -202-806-2920

Meharry Medical College School of Medicine
1005 D.B. Todd Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Telephone - 615-327-6111
Admissions - 615-327-6223

Morehouse School of Medicine
720 Westview Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA. 30310-1495
Telephone - 404-752-1500
Admissions - 404-752-1500 ext. 1650

        The Class of 2005 at Stanford University
                           (We Are There!)

This year, Stanford offered admission to 2,416 for the Class of 2005. The university is saying this grouping constitutes "the most ethnically and culturally diverse group ever admitted." Half--or 49.9 percent--represent minority groups: 11.7 percent are African American! Only 12.7 percent of the 19,078 applicants for the fall of 2001 were offered admission. Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Robin Mamlet said, "We made a special effort to look for students whose backgrounds were in keeping with the wish of the founders of Stanford that the university be accessible to all. We have, for instance, admitted many students who are the first in their families
to go to college."

       The 14th Annual Fall Black College Tour
     (Wednesday Oct. 17 - Sunday Oct. 21, 2001)

This tour will be for 5 days and 4 nights for a cost of $865.00 ($250.00 Deposit due ASAP!) Stops include Spelman, Morehouse, Clark Atlanta, Morris Brown College, and Alabama A&M. The
round trip cost covers airfare from San Jose to Atlanta, and 4 nights in hotels. There'll be lunch at Clark Atlanta and tickets to a football game. A valid picture ID is REQUIRED, and proof of
medical insurance. Balance due August 31, 2001. Make checks or money orders payable to: Della Tours

Mail to: Della Tours/ 10123 Bon Vista CT/
San Jose, CA 95127.

For more information call:
Carl Ray @ 408-259-6516 or 408-259-9470
                 SHOUTOUTS to Our Scholars!

Congratulations to:

Evangeline M. Mitchell--a graduate of Prairie View A&M
University, University of Iowa College of Law, and a June graduate of the Harvard University School of Education.  Get ready for her law guide, the first and only law school admissions book written especially for African Americans, due out in October 2001. Check out the author and her book at:

Tova Stroud--is a future MD. She's an Honors Scholar and graduate of Oregon State University at Corvallis, who just arrived at the Morehouse School of Medicine with the school's Top Merit Scholarship. Tova selected Morehouse after an elite line of interviews at schools like Stanford,Yale, Howard, Cornell, and elsewhere.
Shana Bridgeman--is a recent graduate of the U. of Florida.
She was accepted to a half-dozen law schools, including Emory,
but decided to return to her Alma Mater.

Dr. Kristin S. Black--is a graduate of Cornell, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and was a Harvard Arthur Ashe Fellow.  She just completed her residency at the Carolinas Medical Center.
(Yes, Kris is my little one!)

Morgan State Graduation Statistics by Major: 1999

In 1999, Morgan State University (one of our highly ranked HBCUs) awarded 681 bachelors degrees. Of these 222 went to African-American males. The remaining 459 bachelor's degrees went to AA females. Here is a sampling of some of the gender degree breakdowns by major. To Black Excel, some of these degree stats are telling.
Biology: 10 males/32 females
Accounting: 13 males/28 females
Finance: 5 males/13 females
Business Administration: 7 males/22 females
Management: 12 males/12 females
Marketing: 8 males/19 females
Telecommunications: 21 males/36 females
Information Systems:10 males/18 females
Elementary Education: 9 males/33 females
Health Education: 3 males/20 females
Electrical Engineering: 35 males/22 females
Industrial Engineering: 5 males/12 females
English: 1 male/25 females
Chemistry: 7 males/11 females
Social Work: 8 females/27 females
Political Science: 12 males/19 females
Sociology: 8 males/9 females
Psychology: 5 males/37 females

This is a portion of a text version of a PDF file that can be found at:

    Colleges Where Black Students Are Enrolled
                                 at Over 10%
                                    (A partial sampling)

Emory University (GA) --10%
Wesleyan University (CT) --10%
Rutgers-Newark, (NJ) --22%
Wayne State University (MI) --30%
Andrews University (MI) --24%
Agnes Scott College (GA) --20%
University of Massachusetts--Boston  (MA) --14%
City College at CUNY (NY) --38%
Brooklyn College at CUNY (NY) --30%
New York Institute  of Technology --18%
Georgia State University (GA) --33%
Eastern Michigan University (MI) --16%
Louisiana State University--Shreveport (LA) --19%
University of Illinois--Chicago (IL) --10%
University of Michigan at Flint (MI) --10%

(Complied by Black Excel from various sources, 2001)

   Two Virginia State Students Gain Admission
      To Ph.D. program at University of North
                       Carolina-Chapel Hill.
                                (June 2001)

Two Virginia State University students were accepted into the prestigious Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences (IBS) five-year Ph.D. program at the UNC-Chapel Hill. They were among only 15 accepted from around the world. The program receives nearly 200 applications a year, and less than 15% get interviewed. Tiana Garrett of VA and Irene Baskerville of PA, two graduates of the VSU Class of 2001, rose to the occasion. These HBCU students had strong academic backgrounds in the sciences, particularly chemistry. The IBS program involves two years of course work across a multitude of scientific disciplines. The last three years are spent completing research and a dissertation. For contact info go to:

       A Sampling of Colleges and Universities
        Where you can find links to Black Excel

U. of Texas at Austin/Xavier University of Louisiana/
Massassesutes Institute of Technoloy/Grambling University/
Penn State University/University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff/
American University Library/Cheyney University of PA/
Oberlin College/Philander Smith College/Columbia University/
North Carolina Central University/Rice University/
University of North Carolina at Charlotte/Towson University/
University of New Mexico/North Carolina A&T University/
Community College of Allegheny County/Wesleyan University/
Humboldt State University/West Virginia University/
Southwest Missouri State University/Weber State University.

(Information provided by Isaac Black, Founder, Black Excel:
The College Help Network.)

The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide, by Black Excel Founder Isaac Black, is now on sale at for $15.95. "This book will have rallying impact on our aspiring college students."