The Black Excel Newsletter

                              February, 2002
                          (Black History Month Special)

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(1) Georgia Tech, Black Students, and Degrees
(2) Bush Budget Reaches Out to HBCUs and Hispanic Colleges
(3) PAYING THE BILL: the Keys to the FAFSA application
(4) University of Houston Minority Enrollment Defies Trends
(5) The National Black MBA Association: An Overview
(6) College and University Endowment Totals and Rankings for  2001 (Including HBCUs)
(7) College Fairs from the NACAC (for Febuary 2002)
(8) Aid Opportunities for International Students (help resources)
(9) Black College Tours & Scholarships (A note)

        Georgia Tech, Black Students, and Degrees

In 2001, Georgia Tech was named the top producer of African-
American engineers by Black Issues in Higher Education magazine, awarding more B.S., M.S., and Ph.D degrees than any other college in the US.  Georgia Tech saw a 61 percent increase in African-American freshman, while admitting 57 percent more A-A graduate students. In Tech's Ph.D programs, black enrollment was up 33 percent.  In a last year poll, 10,000 student/professional members of the National Society of Black Engineers ranked Georgia Tech as their top choice for graduates. Tech's location in Atlanta--the home of several historically black academic institutions--also played a factor. There's a dual-degree partnership between Georgia Tech and Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta, and Morris Brown which allows students to earn an undergraduate degree from their home school and an engineering degree from Tech. Since 1974, more than 800 of those students have graduated with a dual degree.  For more info, go to:

            Bush Budget Reaches Out to HBCUs
                       And Hispanic Colleges

Reported in new releases on the 17th anniversity honoring the memory of Martin Luther King, President Bush proposed boosting federal support for black and Hispanic colleges in next year's budget. His Education Secretary announced a budgetary blueprint that would include more than $350 million to strengthen HBCUs and Hispanic colleges and universities--an increase of more than $12 million over current funding levels. His pledge is to increase funding for these colleges by 30 percent by 2005.  Stay tuned.

(Repoted from Washington, January 21, 2002 [Reuters] )

                PAYING THE BILL: The Keys to
                       The FAFSA Application

(...the form that's pivotal to your aid totals and out-of-pocket tuition expenditures.)

FAFSA on the Web:

        University of Houston Minority Enrollment
                                Defies Trends

1/10/02 News Release

The University of Houston, sometimes referred to as the "most diverse research university campus" in the US, continues to defy national trends in regard to its minority enrollment. For Fall 2001, a total of 33,007 students enrolled at UH. Of those students, 18 percent were Asian/Pacific Islander, 17.5 percent Hispanic, and 13.5 percent African-American.  Hispanics accounted for 22.1 percent of UH's First-Time-In-College freshman, while African Americans made up  another 18.3 percent. For more info, go to:

         The National Black MBA Association
                             An Overview

The National Black MBA Association, based in Chicago, has 6,000 members and represents over 95,000 MBA graduates. This group provides scholarships for students pursuing an MBA. The association also sponsors the world's largest career fair for black business professionals. It has attracted 13,000 attendees and 400 corporations and business schools to its annual conference. Its 24th annual conference and expo is scheduled for Sept. 17-22, 2002 in Nashville, Tenn. For more info about the BA Association, go to  Note: The National Society of Hispanic MBAs site is at

      College and University Endowment Totals
       And Rankings for 2001 (Including HBCUs)

(...millions, based on data from 610 schools for fiscal year. Sample listing.)

Harvard University---$17,950.843 (rank #1)
Yale University---$10,700.000 (rank #2)
U. of Texas System---$9,363.588 (rank #3)
Princeton University---$8,359.000 (rank #4)
Stanford University---$8,249.551 (rank #5)

HBCUs (in order of value):

Howard University---$324.019 (rank #131)
Spelman College---$228.992 (rank #174)
Hampton University---$174.559 (rank #207)
Morehouse College---$100.822 (rank #307)

(Source: National Assoc. of College and University Business Officers)

College Fairs from the NACAC for February, 2002
         (Nat. Assoc. of College Admissions Counselors)

Pittsburgh Natl. College Fair 2002
The Pittsburgh Expomart/Pittsburgh, PA
Wed, Feb. 6 - Thurs, Feb. 7, 2002
Wed: 9 AM - 1 PM and 6 PM - 9 PM
Thurs: 9 AM - 12 PM

Tampa Natl. College Fair 2002
Tampa Convention Center/Tampa, Fl
Sunday, February 10, 2002
(11 AM - 4 PM)

      Aid Opportunities for International Students

The following sites offer scholarship opportunities for International Students: You will find them at

-Institute of International Education
-International Student Organization in America
-International Education Finance Corporation
-International Education Financial Aid
-AAUW Educational Foundation Fellowships and Grants

The following resources offer loans for international students:

-The Teri Loan
-The Citiassist Loan
- Signature Loans (availible at most banks)

          Black College Tours & Scholarships
                                          (A note)

Dear Students and Parents,

An expanded Black College Tour List and new scholarships will be added to the Black Excel website by mid-February 2002.

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                    --Isaac Black, author and Black Excel Founder.

(Information provided by Isaac Black, Founder, Black Excel:
The College Help Network.)
The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide,

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