Black Doctors Galore from HBCU!

                      This is another startling news release from Xavier
                      University of Louisiana, an historically Black college.

                First Again! Class of ’99 Keeps Xavier on Top
Guess who leads the nation in placing African Americans into medical school? If you said "Xavier," then you’ve been paying attention.

For the seventh straight year the University has placed more African Americans into medical school than any other college or university in the United States.

According to data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 82 Xavier students were accepted into medical school in 1999. That more than doubled the total of second-place Spelman College, which had 30 accepted, and third-place Harvard University, which had 27. Rounding out the
top schools were: Yale University (25), Duke University (25), Howard University (24), Morehouse College (22) and the University of Maryland-Baltimore (22). The AAMC collects its data annually, providing a way for colleges and universities to assess the programs used to prepare students for medical school.

Xavier first attained its No. 1 status as the top producer of African-American pre-med students in 1993, after several years of finishing second to much larger Howard. Indications are that XU will be staying on top for quite some time. Already 46 of this year’s seniors have been accepted into medical school for the fall 2000 semester.

Placing African Americans into medical school:

1. Xavier 82
2. Spelman 30
3. Harvard 27
4. Yale 25
5. Duke 25
6. Howard 24
7. Morehouse 22
8. Maryland-Baltimore 22

As of December 2000, Xavier had placed 162 African-Americans into biology or chemistry-related professional or graduate schools.  Out of that total, 75 were accepted into medical schools.  The honor roll includes accepts to schools like MeHarry, Emory, Harvard, Temple, Morehouse, and Boston University.  Indeed, for the 8th year in a row, Xavier U. has placed #1 nationally in placing African-Americans into medical school.


4 who were accepted into osteopathic medical school,
15 who were accepted into dental school,
4 who were accepted into veterinary school,
2 who were accepted into optometry school,
3 who was accepted into podiatry school,
2 who was accepted into chiropractic school,
25 who were accepted into public health or health
    administration graduate programs,
21 who were accepted into biology/chemistry
    graduate school, and
11 who were accepted into post-baccalaureate programs
    which will lead to entry into medical school or other
    science-based programs.


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--Isaac Black, Black Excel Founder and author.