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                                August, 2002

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(1) A Day in Your Life at Spelman
(2) The Class of 2006 (A Sampling of Black Enrollment)
(3) The 15th Annual Black College Tour from California (Nov. 13 -17, 2002)
(4) National Historic Black College Fair & Expo:
      A Harlem Week Event
(5) 8th Annual Unity Through Knowledge Black College Tour (from Las Vegas) April 14-18, 2003
(6) What's Happening at Grambling? Accreditation  Problem Looms
(7) How To Actually Win A Scholarship?
    (Note from Black Excel Founder)

               A Day in Your Life at Spelman
     (For High School Seniors and Their Parents)

The Office of Admissions cordially invites you and your parents to "A Day in Your Life at Spelman." You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, visit classes and interact with students, faculty and staff.  For a closer look at Spelman, please call 1-800-982-2411 or go to the online registration form to confirm your reservation and receive an agenda. For info go to:

Visiting Dates:

October 14, 2002 (Monday)
November 11, 2002 (Monday)
January 27, 2003 (Monday

If you are unable to attend any of the "A Day in Your Life at Spelman" sessions, you can call the Office of Admissions at 1-800-982-2411, extension 7570, to schedule a visit.

                       The Class of 2006

Use as a sampling/indicator of Black enrollment at predominately white colleges. We used "black" or "students of color" as presented by the schools.


Harvard sent out a record number of rejection letters to a record number of applicants. The college accepted only 10.5 percent of its 19,605 applicants to the Class of 2006. Black students were 9% of those enrolled.


This fall, 985 students will arrive at MIT as the Class of 2006. 7 percent of those students will be students of color (black).

Boston College

The 2,315 enrolled in the Class of 2006 were drawn from 21,131 applicants, a record number.  This class includes 140 students of color, the most ever enrolled in a freshman class.

Wesleyan University

Of 1,426 admitted students to the class of 2006, 12 percent were students of color.

Duke University

1620 students were accepted to Duke's class of 2006. Black students compose about 10.5 percent with 170 students.

Smith College

There were 3,047 applicants for 654 places at Smith.  The black enrollment is about 5%.

     The 15th Annual Black College Tour from
               California (Nov. 13 -17, 2002)

HBCUs scheduled for this tour: Clark-Atlanta, Morris Brown, Morehouse, Spelman, Alabama A&M University. It's 5 Days and 4 Nights for $895.00. Tour spots are on a first-come first-
served basis!  $250.00 Deposit required ASAP! Absolutely NO REFUNDS after Sept. 15, 2002. Balance Due: Sept. 15, 2002.

Trip cost covers:

*Round trip air fare to Atlanta
*Four nights in hotels in Georgia & Alabama
*Charter bus service/Football game tickets

1. Flight departs San Jose International Airport
2. A valid picture ID is REQUIRED to board the aircraft.
3. Proof of medical insurance REQUIRED.
4. Hotel accommodations will be 4 students per room.
5. Unruly students will be sent home at parents' expense
     on next available flight.

Make checks or money orders payable to: DELLA TOURS.
Mail to: Della Tours/ 10123 Bon Vista CT/ San Jose, CA 95127

For more Info call Carl Ray @ 408-259-6516 or 408-259-9470

     National Historic Black College Fair & Expo
                  A Harlem Week Event

(Between Malcolm X & A.C. Powell Jr. Blvds.)

Noon - 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, August 18th, 2002

Come and talk to college representatives from dozens of our Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This is an annual affair. For long list of Harlem Week events, go to:

        8th Annual Unity Through Knowledge
        Black College Tour  (from Las Vegas)

April 14-18, 2003

The 32nd Street Theater has announced the schedule for its next Black College Tour. The tour will include stops at Alabama State, Clark-Atlanta, Florida A&M, Morehouse, Morris Brown, Spelman and Tuskegee. The tour will take place during the Clark County School District 2003 spring break.

The cost for the 5 day/4 night tour is $700, and includes air fare, deluxe coach travel, hotel, college prep seminars, and trips to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolence, Booker T. Washington Monument, Florida Black Archives Museum, and more. Students are required to pay a $100, non-refundable deposit payment to reserve a seat before November 2, 2002.

Go to for more info, or contact Rev. Kelcey West, Tour Director at:
(702) 399-6443. Address: 32nd Street Theater/
3902 Blue Gull Street/N. Las Vegas, NV 89032/
Tel:(702) 399-6443/Email:

             What's Happening at Grambling?
              Accreditation Problem Looms

"Grambling is to Black America as Notre Dame is to Roman Catholic America!" -One theme often quoted in the past.

During the summer of 2001, the major college accrediting agency in the region, SACS*, placed the college on a six-month "warning" after it denied the school's 10-year reaccreditation confirmation. The school must present copies of audits from fiscal years 2000 and 2001. Reportedly, Grambling is struggling to sort out past mismanagement of financial records. One article says, "The university has long been plagued by a declining enrollment, instability created by a succession of five presidencies in almost 10 years and messy financial records."

If Grambling (in its 101st year), loses it's accreditation, it would lose its federal funding, the lifeblood of all HBCUs. Students couldn't get Pell awards, grants, or other aid.  The Grambling's Public Relations office, says, the "University submitted preliminary financial statements to legislative auditors to begin their audit of the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2002."  Supposedly, auditors will complete their audit by a "September 16th deadline set by SACS," and eventually make a ruling.

Grambling is a college in the University of Louisiana System. For more info go to:

Related links:


*Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

         How To Actually Win A Scholarship?
            (Note from Black Excel Founder)

In the Black Excel African American Student's College Guide (John Wiley & Sons), I tell you what to do, step by step. This is the "real deal" overview you would get if you were sitting with me one-on-one. Hundreds of scholarships are also listed.  Scholarship-related content?

*Get the Money Guide (p. 87-143 )
*Getting Started: Ten Things to Consider Before You Begin Your Scholarship Search (p. 101-103)
*Your Scholarship Get-the-Money Tutorial (p. 104-106)
*Scholarship FAQs (p. 109-110)
*Scholarship Sources (p. 113-143)

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The Black Excel African American Student's College Guide,
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