Get Into Law School...
         Maybe Howard University!

At a past Law Forum presented by the American Law Council in New York at the World Trade Center Marriott, I spoke briefly with the Howard University Law School representative. I was given some interesting and informative material  I would like to share.

This is a short sampling of how Howard University picked its law Class of 2002. Over 90 colleges are presented.

From Historically Black Colleges and Universities this was the breakdown:

  • 14 graduates were taken from Howard itself
  • 6 graduates were taken from Spelman
  • 4 graduates were taken from Hampton
  • 3 graduates were taken from Florida A&M
  • 3 graduates from the U. of Maryland at Eastern Shore
  • 2 graduates from Morgan State
  • 1 graduate from Morehouse
  • 1 graduate from Bennett
  • 1 graduate from Norfolk State
  • 1 graduate from Tuskegee
  • 1 graduate from Savannah State
  • 1 graduate from Talladega
  • 1 graduate from South Carolina State

Clearly, over a third of Howard's class were selected from HBCUs.

From predominately white colleges and universities, the
schools with the most representations at the Howard Law
Class of 2002 include:

  • 4 graduates from the University of Maryland at College Park
  • 3 graduates from Boston University
  • 3 graduates  from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • 2 graduates from Amherst
  • 2 graduates from Cornell
  • 2 graduates from Tufts
  • 2 graduates from the University of Georgia at Athens
  • 2 graduates from the University of Florida
  • 2 graduates from St. John's University (NY)
  • 2 graduates from UCLA
  • 1 graduate from Emory
  • 1 graduate from the University of Michigan
  • 1 graduate from Swarthmore
  • 1 graduate from Temple
  • 1 graduate from Florida State U
  • 1 graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 1 graduate of Georgetown University
  • 1 graduate from the University of California at Riverside

(The above is only a sampling.)

The Howard University School of Law is located at:

2900 Van Ness Street, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Note that the law school is not on the main campus. To schedule a visit you can call 202-806-8008/9.

According to Howard's 1999 law graduate employment data, graduates who began work in the private sector earned a median salary of $87,000. Graduates who worked in the public sector earned $38,500.

The areas of practice for those Howard Law graduates were:

Private Practice (38%)
Government (26%)
Judicial Clerkships (21%)
Public Interest Organizations (7%),
Business and Industry (7%)
Academic (1%).

(Information provided by Isaac Black, Founder, Black Excel:
The College Help Network.)

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