10 Reasons Why You Should Get the
Black Excel African American
Student's College Guide

1) It's the best! Just imagine the Black Excel team setting up shop in your own home. We give you everything--the rules, tips, how to beat the admissions odds. Our team motto: "Counsel a student as if she or he is your own son or daughter." We do that, A to Z.

2) Praise for the Guide has been nonstop: "Outstanding," "Wonderful," "A vital, necessary effort." BET ranked us a Top-10 Education/Reference pick. College organizations have asked about collaborations, and college professionals and advisors routinely use us as a resource. Career Focus magazine said "Help at Last!" and Emerge magazine has done a feature on us.

3) If you're thinking about a "dream school," this book is for you. We give you insider's tips, the A,B,C's of application strategy, a "gold card" counseling session. Students who have used our methods often outdo students with higher grade-point averages and test scores. They get in.

4) Whether you're a super, good, average, or need-a-second-chance student, we address your college needs and provide a road map. Want to go to Spelman, Yale, Florida A&M, MIT, Boston College, the highest-ranked schools? No problem. Need a college where there's nurturing and a "second chance" welcome, then this is in the book for you. The answers are here. We tell you what to do, and how to do it.

5) If money is a concern, look no further. We offer you a master scholarship list, with a Get-The-Money-Guide that gives you a step-by-step tutorial of what to do and what to expect. A financial aid chapter is the icing on the cake. We get you all the answers you need, hold your hand through the process, and relieve your anxiety about the cash required.

6) Concerned about tests like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT? We tell you what you need to know. We provide you with all the test-taking "rules" and "secrets." We discuss what to do about both "super" and "poor" scores. Should you take the test again, and under what circumstances? We lay out The A, B, Cs of test preparation and a sound strategy.

7) In addition, we provide illuminating, original profiles of more than 100 of the top colleges for African Americans. We guarantee, there is no padding in the Black Excel College Guide! You will be intrigued, excited, given insight and perspective. You will read and reread. And...we draw upon the actual experiences of on-campus students to add to the dynamic.

8) The Black vs. White College debate is thoroughly reviewed, with Black Excel giving its "tell-all-sides" overview in a not-to-be forgotten chapter. We pull no punches. This is an enlightening, informative, and must read
for all Black parents and their aspiring children.

9) A never-before bonus for a Black college guide is our section called, "Black Arts: Performing Arts, Film, and Performing Arts Schools." Here you'll find a gateway to colleges for aspiring visual artists, actors and actresses, filmmakers, and dancers. It's a major plus for students who are creators and want to pursue degrees in those areas.

10) If you think the Black Excel Web site is an award winner, then this guide is for you. We are talking to you, one-on-one. We show you how to write your essays (with actual samples), how to get great recommendations, how to present your "extras" (activities, awards). We give you the lowdown on  selecting schools and how to go about it. We also suggest how to deal with any problems that may arise. The Black Excel Guide is a personal tutorial, a book you will read and learn from, and then pass along.